Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the selling process? At IWantHouses, we receive lots of questions from local homeowners who are curious about the different ways to sell a house. Below, we have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you would like to know about us, the current real estate market or your options for selling your home, don’t hesitate to ask! 254-727-5880

Q:  Do you list houses or buy them outright?
A:  At IWantHouses, we buy houses directly from homeowners. By eliminating commissions, repairs, marketing, and waiting, we are able to save people money, while getting them out of a situation they no longer wish to be in. For houses in good condition, we are oftentimes able to pay full price!

Q:  How do you determine what to offer for a property?
A:  We pay FULL PRICE for pretty houses that don’t need a lot of work. However, we will buy houses that need repairs, for slightly lower prices. While we are looking to get a fair discount on the property in these situations, by selling to our team directly the homeowner will save money on commissions, repairs, marketing, and holding costs that they would have faced if the property had been sold in the traditional way.

Q:  Where are you currently buying houses?
A:  IWantHouses is buying houses throughout central Texas. If you need to sell your house in Waco, Killeen, Georgetown, Hewitt, Lorena, Robinson, Belton, Copperas Cove, or Salado, our team is here to help!

Q:  How are you different from a Temple real estate agent or other professional buyers?
A: At IWantHouses, we have been helping homeowners in central Texas for several years. Not only do we buy homes throughout the area, but we also offer creative financing options that allow us to pay full price for properties! If you need to sell a house in Temple, find out what we can offer you!

Q:  What are the costs I should expect when working with IWantHouses?
A: The great thing about selling your house to IWantHouses, is that there are no costs to factor in. You will not have to pay agent commissions, repair costs, closing costs, marketing expenses, holding costs, or any other fees that come up when working with a Temple real estate agent.

Q:  What can I expect after submitting my property information?
A: Once we receive your property information, we will immediately get to work researching your property and evaluating your selling options. We will provide you with all of the data you need to determine if a direct sale is right for you. We will make you an offer, (in many cases a full price offer,) and we will leave the rest up to you. It’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us. There is never any pressure or hassle to worry about.

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